When we think of a boutique, our mind goes towards the high price and high brand products requiring huge money to start and run the business. Even if you have plans to open a boutique with small capital, such ‘expensive’ looks of boutiques may keep you away from your plans. However, this is not always the case, as you can perfectly have the opportunity of opening a boutique with small capital in hand.

If you lack enough funds to open a boutique, you have to consider many moves to reduce the burden on the capital. First of all, if the budget does not allow never go for an expensive space in downtown area which certainly demand very high lease amount. Instead of directly jumping to a high lease area, opt for other much cheaper locations. You can save a heavy amount if you avoid expensive areas for your boutique.

You can start selling products on commission. In this way, you do not have to involve your money in buying the products. Just provide them the selling outlet and your efforts, and get your commission. If you maintain a consignment store, this way can be very economical for you. This is not the only way, as you can find many other means to sell products without involving much money.

Home boutique can also save you the huge investment that you would have to pay if you lease some space. If you got a free room with easy access, running a home boutique there will be a good idea.

If you can find some space at any neighborhood mall, you do not have to pay lot of money there, or if you can find some space in a department store, you still can save good amount that would be needed to lease costly space independently.

If you analyze closely, you will find many other ways that can make it possible for you to open a boutique with small capital. Buying clothes, for instance, on wholesale price can save you money. As long as you are able to get the desired quality and style, you can make the purchases accordingly to save considerably.

Start with fewer staff on the boutique. Once the boutique starts generating good money, keep increasing the strength of helping hands. You can also ask friends and other family members to help you at your initial stage so that once you find yourself establishing well, you can hire the required professionals.

If your budget is too low to take a start, take help from the people around you, if possible. If you are being offered loans from different friends and family members, be very careful when it comes to draft the payment terms and conditions. If they are becoming your partners, outline the terms and conditions before you start the business. Some other investing sources can also offer you money for your business. Prepare a good feasibility report to convince the potential investors.

Opening a boutique with small capital is very much possible in many cases. You only need to approach it properly and with very tactful planning.

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